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What is the National Network of Women in Mining (NNWM)?

The National Network of Women in Mining is a movement of women involved in the mining activity in Bolivia, created to bring them together and secure their recognition across the nation. It also aims to raise awareness of their demands, progress, suggestions, and knowledge to develop sustainable actions.

The network's primary goal is to bring together and consolidate our recognition as the women involved in the small mining industry of Bolivia. Also, to raise awareness of their demands and suggestions, progress, and knowledge to develop sustainable actions.

How do we do it?


Training and Empowerment Workshops

We empower the women who are involved in the mining activity about their rights as a means of achieving a level playing field in the value chain



We raise awareness of their presence and demands before the cooperatives, government, and public opinion


Training of Agents of Change

We provide them with the tools so that they can become agents of change regarding the main issues affecting their communities

Sinforosa Rodríguez, the network representative in Potosí

The network has shown that there are women in mining and there are many of us. It has given us strength. We're not crouching anymore. We are raising our heads now. It taught us about the Law No. 348 and to value women within organizations and cooperatives


The NNWM is divided into the National Coordinator and four working committees:


Committee on Mining, Environment, and Water

Its goal is to reduce the impact of mining operations on their communities with actions that women can perform in their daily lives. In the same way, it promotes water-conserving activities, a resource that is scarce in mining communities.


Committee on Women's Rights

It enhances women miners' rights by promoting training workshops on domestic violence issues through the dissemination of Law No. 348 ``Comprehensive Law to Guarantee Women a Life Free from Violence.`` It also encourages women's empowerment on leadership issues in their communities and organizations


Committee on Mining Social Responsibility

This committee works together with communities developing educational, health, and infrastructure programs that benefit the communities themselves and the surrounding communities


Committee on Productive Alternatives for Mining

To diversify the women miners' incomes, this committee aims to develop productive alternative activities for mining.


Do you want to be part of the NNWM?

We are looking for partners to expand our actions. Do you think your institution may contribute? Contact us.


    Your contribution will allow a great change for Bolivian women miners